free pt.3

By: Withyn

I race above the trees

The view expanding all around me

So many paths I can see now

Leading to so many futures

My heart fills with my love for you and I glow

I can feel the light eminating from me

A warmth from my body I hadn't realized I'd lost

Shining down upon the ground

Shining down upon my life it looks beautiful once again

Casting away the darkness I catch a glimpse

I can see you walking

Once again I can see the wonderful outline of your body

Your skipping step as you happily make your way down a path

Making my own heart skip as I am flooded with old emotions

Filled with a happiness I had lost

Emotions I longed to feel again for so long

I rush to meet you and I see him

You rush to him and grasp his arm

Never leaving his side

I can still feel the light within me but the fog rolls in

The clouds surround me as I try to break through to you

Try to reach you again

But the darkness feeds on my light

As anger is nourished by happiness lost

My light, my love for you still glowing brightly

I still smile as the blackness obscures everying

Everything except the sight of you

And the sight of him

Walking down a new path

I see you turn to smile and wave at me

As if seeing an old friend

Then there is nothing to see but the pressing darkness

Except the after-image of your smiling face

And I cry...

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