By: Withyn

Years ago we met along a path

The lives we walked alone led us to each other

And we made a new path together

Towards a future of our dreams

Somehow I lost you along the way

Carefree you used to run ahead

Like a bird flitting from flower to flower

Always coming back after your curiosity is sated

One day you left me

Slowly we had grown apart

You found new things to love

Off from the path where I diligently kept pace

Walking ever-forward to the future

The one we saw in our dreams

The future where I could hold you in my arms forever

I reached the end of the path alone

Our future was gone without you by my side

I stood at the brink of nothingness

Knowing what lay behind me is nothing but

The pain and sorrow I wouldn't let myself feel

As I walked ever-onward along the path

Praying every day that you would flit back to me

I gather the courage to turn around and see nothing

My past crumbles away behind me

Months of false hopes leading me on

Left nothing for me to look back upon

And so I stand upon this precipice

Trapped with only my own council

Until finally I've cried enough tears

And I take my first step towards my future

And I fall...

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