Parker-Fsu 10-23-02

By: N-KaSt

Do you even notice me...yes but only out of self pitty

You only talk to me when it is convinient for you

To you I am just a shadow on the wall

Because if I weren't there you wooldn't miss me at all

You pay more attention to those guys with good looks and big dycks

Not once not twice but several times you've been hurt

yet still you go back thinkin it will work

I notice you...though you could never notice me

I try and talk to you whenever my heart will let me speak

To me you are the sun...above everyone else

And if you weren't there I'd be living in the dark

I pay more attenton to you than your boyfriend ever could

More times than I can count you hurt me not knowing you could

Then I come running back, thinkin it will work





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