By: Murasaki

It's alright if you don't really want to tell me

I really don't mean to pry into you like I do

but it feels like you hold all the power

and i'm left alone and defenceless

my hands bleeding out my history before you

but all you can do is watch me and smile

you're accepting me in all on your own

i can't stand to see my reality distorted

even when i'm standing there, face to face

with you i'm still hiding behind my walls

what i can't realize is this power you wield

can make me climb over all that I may lay

i love the way you lie so sweet like candy

how you whisper every word so tenderly

i'm drowning in your voice so willingly

i just cannot rid your music from my ears

deliver me from your solice, your reverie

rescue me from this feral wonderland.

save me from this ficticious reality.

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