I Want You To Love Me

By: oblivion

Here we stand in the blackness of night,

surrounded by fear, and demolished by fright.

Encompassed in shadow, devoid of all hope,

we lie here togther, attempting to cope.

Close enough to touch, but unable to feel,

I cannot sense contact, my mind cannot deal.

I want you to hold, to touch, and to taste,

I cannot handle being told it's a waste.

I've given you my heart, my body and soul,

you're all I want, and what makes me whole.

I don't want to hear that you are unsure,

just kiss me goodnight, it will be a cure.

A cure from the darkness, and from the tears,

a gift which will take me away from my fears.

I just want to hear that you never will lie,

I don't want to live if my heart has to die.

I don't ask for muchjust one thing, you see,

all that I want, is for YOU to love ME.

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