Like A Pup

By: Murasaki

just like a pup, i wait for you

tail wagging against the window

staring out with bright-lit eyes

awaiting your return

you go about your daily chores

and as for me my daily fun

i'll roll in the dirt and chase the wind

all day out in the sun

just like a pup, when you get home

i'll receive all that i've waited for

staring up with shimmering eyes

awaiting your caress

silt-covered paws await your lap

feverishly happy, hopping, i whine

as you shoo me into the living room

for your long-awaited alone time

just like a pup, i'll wait for you

tail wagging against the door

sleeping soundly with half-lid eyes

awaiting your arise

so now that night has come again

my duties of the day are through

and i'll sleep right here, just like a pup

always waiting just for you

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