By: Murasaki

dear love of my life,

you are my everything

and everything in me.

for without your heart pierced

against my own, i know i'd never be.

don't take away what i've grown so fond of.

please stay inside my arms.

i swear, together,

for worse or for better.

we're always free from harm.

be mine forever,

if it's what you want.

won't you please stay with me?

for, to me, no girl could be what you are.

no girl could ever be.


the sun still sets in a relative way.

evenflowing in the breeze as it contorts to night.

but each day you grow older, and shorter of breath,

and another day closer, a step nearer to death.

in every second you're with me, you take my breath away.

is there anything i could tell you, dear, to keep you, make you stay?

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