By: Murasaki

in dreams, i've tried to be how you wanted

and, now for you, I must try again

My every movement, with transit haste

as he who is in debt again.

I'm on my way to betterment,

if that's what it's to be called

of one's dead-luck-malevolence

without hands to dampen my fall.

so in tandem with a trip-and-go,

I pay upon my fee. . .

by pulling myself upright again

to realize we're meant-to-be.

alone, no one can hear me now

Voice booms in silent prayer,

the road which sets before me's full

of terrors i'm well aware.

with each turn a curve, every curve a turn

is sure to haunt me so.

more twist and bends than I can see,

more than I need to know.

But then I see your smile to push me on,

the road ends not off too far

as now i've finished this walk of mine. . .

I'm finally where you are.

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