Midnight Musings

By: Wome

Alone beneath a quilt of diamond fires,

The solitary light of my candle expires,

Dwindling into the divine dark infinity,

Silent night; timeless tears of divinity.

Shadows that blur this time and this place,

My sighing breath condenses into space,

A haze of devotion to a forgotten cause,

Still, amongst the dust my spirit soars.

Unseen artistry is imbued in the night,

Infinite yet empty; emotions in light,

Tears not cried and loves not told,

Above, the flowering petals of my mind unfold.

My empty heart embraces a white flickering flame,

Stars lost in the ether are one and the same,

Light without meaning, light without time,

All that I desire is for you to be mine.

We could soar together, in the void, the dark,

Lost in our hearts, like the sweet song of the lark,

Yet no melody, no flower describes this acension,

For yours is a beauty beyond comprehension.

Along glimmering star roads which extend forever,

I walk alone on this hopeless endeavor,

Searching for your soul, deific and fair;

A tumbling blossom on the sharp winter air.

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