Murky Waters

By: Wome

The shimmering night frost settles outside,

Beneath the stars it shimmers, tranquil light,

I need a companion in which I can confide,

A torch to guide me through the ghastly night.

A deserted lake of loneliness is awash in my soul,

Murky waters, vast void empty and as black as coal.

The dense air rests on my trembling shoulders,

Perched, like a raven which breathes in my ear,

Whisperering paranoia down my neck, even colder,

In the opaque mist, your voice I wish to hear.

Drawn to the lake, an inadvertent slave of the mind,

I peer into the gloom and the vieled evil I find.

A fierce, frozen chill wraps around my spine,

A constricting snake of glistening ice,

Reach for your hand, and then you'd be mine,

Impaled on an unseen spear; another sacrifice.

I touch the water, and dancing ripples move apart,

In a malign pattern which shatters the glass of my heart.

In amongst the hideous spires of my imagination,

Dark peaks that extend towards the edge of the sky,

I stand amongst the pungent mental devestation,

Searching for the affectionate glimmer of your eye.

The lake lures my soul into it's stagnant murk,

Without you, I am but a shadow, destined to lurk.

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