Silent Depths

By: Wome

The calm blue depths enshroud your soul,

The empty infinity surrounds your whole,

Your cold body held in stasis amongst swells,

And your lost silhoette in this timeless well.

Your hair sways despairingly amidst the blue,

The dark depths of this abyss close in on you,

The sea's icicle claws pry on your cold form,

Causing frozen wounds in this location; forlorn.

Exiled from existence; shimmering surface overhead,

Forever forgotten is what you did and said,

Yet imprinted on ice is your delicate figure,

A silent siren fell by waves, no love, no vigour.

The rose of vitality that grew in your voice,

Now lost in the murk; darkness can rejoice,

For it has claimed a delightful work of art,

To place alongside the other jaded hearts.

A weak red watercolour stained on my recollections,

Is the love we shared and it's painful desecration,

As the white pillars of ambience cling to your skin,

I see your glinting eyes but no soul within.

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