Star-Crossed Lover

By: Wome

A crimson rose, moistened moonlit petals,

The sedcutive scent clutches my heart,

Grasping that beauty in my unworthy hand,

An invisible love which I cannot understand.

The glistening stars and radiant moon,

Lost in her eyes, in the maze of her soul,

I feel her presence, the world becomes art,

Rainbows of emotion stream from my heart.

I reach for the blemishes in night's visage,

Groping in an unseen labyrinth of vehemence,

The thorns of this rose, the pain I feel,

Daggers, dividing the false and real.

Forever together in spirit and soul,

I yearn for the warmth of her flesh,

In the sunset sky, as birds circling round,

Soaring together, never touching the ground.

Her reflection on the lake, vigilant spirit,

Present, always, amidst the black silk night,

Our spirits entwined, yet she is so far,

My impossible love, unreachable star.

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