By: oblivion

Overlapping, interlocking, entwining and together.

Dancing, swirling, tumbling 'round, forgetting to remember.

Entrapped within the expances of a sacrilegious kiss.

Falling into the unseen depths of pre-oragasmic bliss.

Seducing, enthralling, enticing, while calling.

Embracing, withholding, protecting, while falling.

So many tender caresses, within such small bits of time,

No words are needed, every action, every word is mimed.

Emotions are cascading among the scents of physicality

Perfect synchronization, delicate congeniality.

The sweat and the blood, the skin and the bone,

intertwine into one, and then no longer alone.

The intensity of the moment is escalating,

so far past the steps of impersonal conversating,

they've become another piece of the world's compensation,

for all the bad, all the sad, the war, and the starvation.

For tonight neither of them will see much rest,

with each creeping temptation of belly or breast,

but in the vines of ecstasy that are throbbing in their veins,

this night will never, ever see a touch of their complaints.

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