The Siren

By: Wome

A siren sings a melody from the depths of her soul,

The words as smooth as a swooping eagle in flight,

That divine voice is so far from me, yet so near,

Could it be hers, that voice that entrances the ear?

That reflective hair that flutters like the wings of a dove,

Those deep intelligent eyes, windows to the perfection within,

That gracious sound, nestled in my soul conjures a radiant light,

That enchanted voice, refined harmony serves to accompany my delight.

A sublime complexion, a shimmering smile,

An silent reflection in the depths of the lake,

Those are the lurid sounds that dance in the night,

Like the reflections on the river in the ambient moonlight.

Venus lives within her radient being,

Like the sunset, eternal is her godlike beauty,

My dark soul devoid of light is empty without her here,

My only desire is to hold her near.

By James Womack

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