To Regain

By: Murasaki

Tell me, what is that in which does reach

my hand with such reverberating genius?

It...must be yours, dear. removing from me of my speech,

my words that do express the way I feel within...such beauty between us;

Oh how I crave your soft-loving touch, to feel your kiss, so fine,

with heated passion and sin-quenched lips, pressed sweetly unto mine.

If this would represent my fate, in just one moments' time,

I pray that this feeling, so unmatched, will be the reason for the rhyme;

Become to me, so enviously, the one I claim as my own...

You chill my spine, cause my eyes to shine, as I now watch you fall

into my arms for reverie, and beset you upon your throne;

And now, I'm begging you to know, that I will always remain

the one to hold you close. My love, never letting go,

I've more feeling than I can stand, allowing the tears to flow.

But with you gone, my hands hold emptiness, awaiting your body to regain;

But as I awaken from my dream, I feel reach out to grasp your hand,

but you aren't there, to my dismay...I'm craving your warmth again.

My eyes shimmer with rain, body trembling with shocks on end,

tonight, I cry myself to sleep again, for now, my love, it's you I crave again.

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