I Cried

By: Zhane

From the time we met, I know we were meant to be

You seen the angel deep inside of me

I only wanted to be a friend

A hand was all I had to lend

I fell in love and that I knew

And could not wait to marry you

The love I felt flowed like a stream

How I feel that it was just a dream

We would sit up each night and chat till dawn

Hell, I can still hear your cute little yawn

I just wanted to be by your side

To love you and protect you until you died

I still hear your voice in the night air

Saying the pain you can not bare

You wanted to live just for me

So I could help raise your daughter and we could become three

I was just glad I could bring a smile to your face

We were brought together only by God's grace

I wanted to hold you one last time.

Just to show you that you were mine.

You died so young, with love to give

Even though you told me you wanted to live

God made us Soul Mates and put us together

And you said you would love me forever

You were a good decent man with a heart of pure solid gold

I was your angel that could never be sold

I knew you were going to die

So it hurt me to say goodbye

But for now and forever, until the ends of Heaven and one more day

I know that our love will be here to stay

It is not often someone walks in and touches your soul

For me it was Wyatt, and cancer paid it's toll

How I wish he would have never died

I am not ashamed to say I cried

I Cried

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