Now I wear pants

By: crimson.bead

One day, I met a man

I didn't know what it was about him

That turned my head and made me stare

And for some reason, I trusted him

More than I have ever trusted any other

I thought I knew him

So I lifted up my skirt to him.

Naked soul, naked flesh

He could see it all

He accepted the flesh and left the rest

Did I make a mistake in lifting my skirt to him?

Like a fish to water, I took the bait

Now I am stuck on the hook

He won't let me go

Starts off as food for survival, but ends up as a cruel sport

I was just catch of the day

Why did I lift up my skirt to him?

Now it's too late

He has seen it all

I wish I could get myself off the hook

I wish I wasn't swimming in the warm sea that day

I wish I hadn't lifted my skirt to him.

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