Old Friend

By: trancelady

well, i guess i haven't been feeling alright.

i read of poem of yours tonight.

it was about me and about your dad,

a truth likes yours i wish i had.

there's a back door into my soul,

one for you only to know.

we've made our complaints and made our mistakes,

and i know sometimes i act like cornflakes.

but i'm asking you now will you still hold my hand?

when i come across something i don't quite understand.

i agree with the first 2 lines and the third one too.

i agree with the fourth line, that's how i feel about you.

five and six are like words straight out of my heart,

i think you know, it killed me when we had to part.

i understand it was probably all for the good.

to force us to learn what little we could.

but i wish we were closer than we are right now.

i wish we were closer, i wish i knew how.

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