Honey dew

By: crimson.bead

Your words so soft and sweet

Drops of honey that fall off your tongue

I see them fall in slow motion, one by one

Their beauty and natural form are stunning

I am mesmerized

The drops begin to tumble and roll

Chaotic motion leaves them to fall into nowhere

Change shape to suit the climate

The hotter it is, the quicker the drops fall

The drops become thinner and lose shape

They merge to form a thin, watery stream.

Are you hot tonight?

Your warmth doesn’t dissipate from your mouth

Although you think it does

I am cold

But I will not take your blanket of words

You will need it to comfort yourself tonight

For you will be cold and drained from your daily charade

As much as it pains me to reject what I so desire,

keep your sweet honey

I do not appreciate its metamorphosis to water

Lacking substance, and is all too common

I can find water anywhere

It was your honey that made you sweet

And I wish you knew why

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