Into The Arms Of The Fae

By: oblivion

'Twas deep in the wood of a Scottish land, night was falling fast,

as the tiny girl on the massive horse, fled far from her past.

With her silver hair falling 'round her face, and her eyes alight with fear,

she tore from the trampled path, hiding, running,

her mind was racing madly, the world no longer clear.

She turned pulled the horse to the west, she did not know she'd neared,

the rings of the forest faerie, they'd be deaf, could they not hear,

the sounds of the frightened girl-child, upon the massive beast,

and her tears they fell in the moonlight, voices, calling,

she could not hear them calling, as she tumbled to the ground.

The beast had fled from beneath her, scarce now she could see,

as she held her hand to a wounded arm, and her hair danced through the breeze

'Twas a futile thing to try and do, for she was so far into the woods,

but her mouth it opened, 'twas calling, calling, falling,

she fell to her knees in the darkness, having tried all that she could.

A spark in the frosty silence, or was it simply a trick of the eye,

then again, it came like a glimmer, bright against the sky.

First red, then a blue, then a yellow glow, shone upon her face,

and figures grew from the sparkle, tiny winged females,

gazed at her face in their own light, the girl's heart began to race.

The tiny little creatures, began to chant nearby her ear,

the words she could not yet understand, but she knew that she could hear,

as the words formed soft in her tired mind, she grew so very still,

as the chance for freedom touched her, knew her, felt her,

she nodded toward the faeries, and gave into her own will.

And still when the nights are tossed about, when the wind flows through the trees,

if you listen so quiet in that Scottish wood, you can hear the girl-child tease.

She is free in the wood with the wing'ed ones, and will be for all her years,

if you trust in them you will feel it, touching, feeling,

you will know that the girl is with them, she no longer cries many tears.

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