Tahitian paradise

By: crimson.bead

A hut over the lagoon

The sunshine warms my soul

Crystal blue water

Playful reflections of you and me

I can see the colourful fish

Swimming and swaying with the current

Playful and free, that's what I want to be

We talked about holding hands on the beach

We talked about...things

Things that I'd now rather forget

I don't care for lies or banter

I don't care to be your blow-up doll

I wanted to know I was worth more than a mannequin

In this materialistic world

Now I know my worth to you and why

you were looking at the scenery

in all directions at once

As I stood by like a tourist attraction on the horizon

While my tears created the ocean

Slowly separating the islands of you and me

As I cried for all that you were stealing from me

You stole much more than you'll ever know,

let alone understand.

Tahiti's lagoons now tainted

Stained by scarlet tears from the eyes of my heart

As they bleed in disbelief that you would and could

steal a part of me in front of my eyes

When will the sea mist clear from your eyes,

When will the clouds block the sun from your eyes

So you can see what I mean?

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