the blood of blame

By: trancelady

so perhaps i've once again tried to lay the blame on someone else. was that your point of view? going on forever, like a thought descending into madness. dust off the precious prozac and place the blame once again. in the garden of disguises i hear the same words repeating over and over. still you misunderstand, the bruises left by a baby that never came. yet once again you're placing blame. so i squeese my tiny fists into balls of rage. hoping the glory of a door left open will save me from your empty memories. justifiable darkness is coliding into the brain of society. the intestines of the past are turing into winter. and the claustrophobia of freedom is gaining a new view. a view of you, the you that is still holding onto blame. i'm washing my hands of the blood of unanswered feotus' and unborn questioning. i'm letting go of the blame. and i'm giving a friendly smile, and helping hand, to the child within me. the one you never even tried to understand.

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