The centre of your universe

By: crimson.bead

Align the planets

Shift the gravity to bring it all back to you

Drag the people in

The devout followers of the universe god.

Your heart is a black hole

You suck in all the love you can get

But it will never fill the gap

Endless pit of sorrow within the universe god.

Pressure building, imploding with stress

Exploding in anger, with the power of a supernova

Your life cycle is that of a star reborn a thousand times over

And nothing can change that for the universe god.

Create your ring of meteors

To keep everyone at a distance from your soul

Close enough to be part of the circle

Far enough away to avoid colliding with you

Reject foreign matter

Keep the obedient slaves spinning

Never able to get any closer

Hard to get a good glimpse of the universe god from there.

The biggest stars are the brightest

There for all to see

The biggest stars burn the most oxygen

In unashamed greed

The biggest stars are the most explosive

Going out with a bang

Bigger, brighter, better is the universe god.

You try to have it all your way

Because you are the centre of your universe.

You are the universe god.

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