the Conqueror

By: trancelady

raking through your leaves of disease

making a game for you, i hope to please

but you continue to throw me away

when i ask for your help, you lead me astray

take your perverted pride in me

can you truly say you see what i see?

still i try to bring you fame

and all you give me is unneeded shame

again i'll try to please you no end

but then again you're no kind of friend

by the end of the day, of working for you

you tell me what you see and it's nothing new

your words pour down and break my soul

my hidden anger seethes, can't you just go?

why do you bring me your lies and pain?

the emotions you show me are filled with disdain

i've made my decision to stay with you no more

and i noticed when i left you just looked like a whore

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