the desert of my abyss

By: trancelady

the fight inside my heart can't stop it is all i've got with which to show you how i feel about all this encredibly new nothing that is bliss, so we stand around with eyes that are bound and i'm hoping to see something inside of you something that will be more to undue, what was lost over the water of years to come until the land has shaped its rare beauty that we find everywhere inside ourselves, falling down the mental darkness of deceit confusing the rain with gravity because the reasons you gave me were the wrong ones, but you never stopped for a heart as pure as i wish mine was, like the ending of a bad ending that always quits when i want to begin telling you how much it meant to me that you threw away all the flowery disdain that they've hidden in plain sight for all the world to abuse, inside of the blood of forever are winding purposes that never really cared they only explained the theory of gorgeous light within a soul like yours, a happier flight i have never shared, but i want you to know that i care more than i thought was possible in my desert collection of pain filled abysses.

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