Have You Ever

By: oblivion

Have you ever had one of those moments,

where everything seems too confusing,

and you don't really know for sure what's happening?

Or Been so set on something,

that you're scared to change,

for fear of losing yourself?

Or have you ever met that one person,

the person who seems to see right through you,

and tell you what's wrong,

even when you don't know yourself?

Or how about one of those feelings,

the ones you don't rightly understand,

but you know they're there, and they plague you...

Until you find out the reason for them,

and then realize that it could have been fixed?

Have you ever been hurt?

Have you ever been in love?

Have you ever lost something,

or found something?

Have you ever been lost in a dream world,

only to have it brought down around your ears,

and then realize that the reality may be painful,

or confusing, or simply new,

but it is reality, and for the best?

I have...

and although I felt like I was being hurt,

I was really healing.

I was realizing I need to be in the real world,

not a world of childish dreams, and fantasies...

or a world of magic and wonder...

And although I would still receed to those places,

for vacations every so often,

I couldn't live there,

I had to face the world, and grow up.

I'm not a kid anymore...

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