Into Sleep

By: oblivion

There is a frustrating confusion inside my heart tonight

I don't know what I am or who I am

Dazedly gazing around in circles at my surroundings

Being covered by the velvet blanket of the night

Confused, dazed, worried, saddened;

By the thought of not knowing what I am doing;

Or of where I am; where I will be

I can't sort out the feeling or find the knowledge

The things I feel like I need right now, but are retreating from my grasp

Humming along to a song to which there are no words

Telling myself stories which have no beginning, nor an end

Gypsies ribbons encircling my whirling mind

Incoherent thoughts run rampant; indecisive of their destination

Infuriated at the lack of control I possess

Confused to the brink of tears; a fit of emotion

I need to get out, but I don't know how; don't know where

I hesitate, slowly walk through the door, into the darkness;

Into sleep

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