The Pack

By: Marble

Blacker than a moonless night with storm clouds on the horizon,

The darkness creeps and crawls, filling in the bits and pieces

of light and warmth.

The howling of the wolf pack, like the wind on cold winter nights,

Tells a tale of the lost that has befallen the group, the lost of a

loved one to a greater power.

It was no beast. No beast could vanquish the force of the leader.

Yet the leader fell to his own destruction and own death.

He caused his own downfall.

The leader of the pack fell to his own despair, his own self-loathing

His own negative thoughts. His own mind betrayed him in the hour

of his utmost need.

But it is not the leader who suffer the most, although in his mind

It is a different story. The ones who suffered most and still suffer

is the pack he left behind.

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