the Way I See It

By: trancelady

for years i've told myself i know what's going on

i've said it a million times but now my illusions are gone

it's hard to look back and realize i didn't have a clue

i'm just filled with memories that remind me of you

those books that we read and the notes that we wrote

only to find out that i was just a confusing quote

i tried so hard to be as honest as i could

knowing full well that i wouldn't be understood

but the one thing i never really understood myself

is that you were so much more than just a comforting shelf

you gave me more than a place to hide emotions

you gave me friendship that was deeper than the oceans

and i tried to reciprocate, but really didn't know how

i hope you'll forgive me, thought it's a bit late for that now

we parted, and we changed, and we wrote our own songs

now we're getting back together and we're righting all the wrongs

that we inflicted upon each other from an unconcious mind

learning now that we're different, but still of the same kind

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