Possessed By The Sword

By: Wome

Glimmering in the lurid sunlight,

Not merely a weapon; not merely a fight.

My only companion in eye of the storm,

The swirling welter of battle; lives torn.

An ardent blade of burning emotion,

Phoenix of the duel - Smooth sweeping motion.

Outward manifestation of my soul,

A blaze, engulfing that magnificent whole.

A clash of blades, a clash of ideals,

My opponent now knows how the edge feels.

My loyal weapon drives through him,

Another souless candle, flickering, dim.

Time has stopped, I can see radiant white light,

An empty blue sky, stained with a red sea of spite.

Sword; a glowing torch lighting this infinite darkness,

Assisting my ascent towards total heartlessness.

Ideals have no voice on the battlefield,

Only the growing mass of fear has any yield.

Now I see the blade is a demon, of some burning pit,

Only the rough pathway towards death is lit.

I was possessed by the demon of the sword,

My actions, my deeds have been fatally flawed.

Only my honour could exorcise this devil,

Yet, in my meaningless actions he still does revel.

So now, amongst the silent dead I surrender,

In this blurred battle scene I am no defender.

I am simply a pawn of my shimmering blade,

An illusion of a future in that welcoming glade.

There is no meaning, no enemy in this fight,

Just wondering spirits trapped in eternal night

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