War Of Opinion

By: Wome

For king and country; we fight till the last,

To protect their future and protect our past.

For king and country; the skies become red,

From the angels of death and the flames they spread.

For king and country; with flaming swords,

They come to strike us down, impale our lords.

For king and country; unleash the fire within,

For the conflaguration will burn them; writhing.

For truth and honor; we support our friend,

Nations and peoples entwined till the end.

For truth and honor; we raise shimmering blades,

United against the threat to our virgin glades.

For truth and honor; dragged into this fight,

Flying their flag, under the same bloody light.

For truth and honor; tears for their dead,

Blind, guided by their deeds and what they said.

For the good of humanity; more innocent death,

Killed by silver dragons, their flaming breath.

For the good of humanity; our people unite,

Every man has his own war, but together we fight.

For the good of humanity; our revenge is sweet,

Smiting our enemies, against the terror we meet.

For the good of humanity; we fight this beast,

The integrity of society, burning flags in the east.

For my life and family; I run from the pain,

From the sea of blood and the waves of flame.

For my life and family; I shed a frozen tear,

Alliances forged in this rusted metal of fear.

For my life and family; lives ripped and torn,

Why are we deserted; our existence forlorn?

For my life and family; I dishonor my father,

For in this war I am but a meaningless martyr.

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