Can God Make A Square Circle

By: Wome

(In this Religious Studies, the Christian definition of God is used (this was part of the task set by the teacher))

The answer to this question depends almost completely on one's definition of "God" and one's willingness to accept the power of God or the finality of logic. If one considers the Christian God, who is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, immanent and transcendent, the answer should be yes, as God is all powerful and can therefore perform any action. The problem with this is that a circle quite obviously is not a square and a square is quite obviously not a circle, so how can a square circle be created? Christians also believe that their God is above human concepts, and as circles and squares are human concepts, perhaps God is able to create a square circle, despite the fact that this is logically impossible in human terms. Still, without redefining squares and circles, it seems unlikely, nay, impossible that such an object could exist within the confines of the universe currently understood by mankind. Also, still considering an omnipotent God; should omnipotence mean the ability to perform any action, or any action imaginable? For although the action of creating a square circle can be described in words, the result of the action, and the action itself cannot actually be perceived by the human mind.

A square and a circle, are, by nature, two completely different shapes, and regardless of how they are manipulated, neither one can fit the both definitions. A square is a two dimensional shape with four sides of equal length and four 90 degree angles at each corner, a circle is a two dimensional curved line surrounding a centre point, every point of the line being an equal distance from the centre point. As far as the known laws of physics are concerned, these two definitions cannot be applied to the same shape, yet, if God is all powerful, can he not manipulate the laws of physics in order to allow a square circle to exist? ...Or would a change in the laws of physics render the definitions of "square" and "circle" incorrect. Without knowing a way in which a square circle can be created, there is no way to prove, without doubt, whether God can or cannot create a square circle. Also, without knowing the nature of God, it is also impossible to prove whether God can or cannot create a square circle, one can only make assumptions based on different circumstances.

In conclusion, there is no specific answer to the question "Can God make a square circle?". He may or may not be able to create a square circle, depending on how far one follows God or logic. The logical solution (that a square circle cannot exist because no shape fits both definitions), however, is only based on our current understanding of the universe, and therefore, may be incorrect in other areas of the universe or where laws or rules not yet discovered are concerned. Still, the question remains, can God defy the laws of this universe? If God is regarded as being transcendent, then He can as he is outside the laws of the universe, if not, he may not be able to. It may still be possible to create a square circle without being transcendent, but only if the laws of the universe differ from our current model of the universe. I could speculate all I want on this issue and never reach a definite answer, for without further information this is impossible without taking on a biased point of view - i.e. in favour of God's power, or in favor of the logical explanation.

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