By: Wome

The beauty of dusk encased in ice, glimmers with the light. It glistens with the brilliance of a full moon, yet obscurity is ensnared within. This citadel stands like a thousand opaque pyramids trapping the silver blemishes of the night. Purity extends from impurity: a city, glowing in the light.

I can see this amethyst in your eyes, an incomprehensible message from beyond the flesh. Your pupils, in the realms of the soul, glisten with violet shadows, dancing a slow ballad to an unknowable destination. Where you are, I cannot tell, and where you are headed is impossible to know. Your eyes wander as lurid ghosts in the ether… What are you feeling, my love?

It is not you who is the ghost, but I. Separated and alone - In this frontier between life and death, all is but a dream. These emotions I feel are beyond words, and yet, they are lost in the distance and time that separates us.

I cannot see your emotions, for it seems they are hidden beyond the shadowy depths of your eyes. Is it grief that has possessed you? You seem so empty, melancholy, and alone. Are you weeping silently? The agony is heart-rending: not knowing how you feel or what you are thinking.

When will this tormenting vigil end, and when will we be together? I yearn for the moment when your enchanting amethyst eyes meet mine, for the first time outside of our dreams.

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