By: Murasaki

Cast Of Characters


|Cast of Characters|

*Star Characters:


Xcoilsteemer(adopted child of Denae; knight; Andrew David Ford)

3coilsteemer(adopted child of Denae; knight; Marty Ford)

6coilsteemer(father; former knight; Christopher Ford)

Pathetique Turniquet(Wraith; Wandering Wizard; Advisor to Marty Ford)


Malkavian Jesture(Vampire; Clan Malkavian)

Khamden Sil Vermane(Vampire; Clan Malkavian)

**Minor Characters:


Lady Kimber(Queen of Camelot Reborn)

Lord Antimone(King of Camelot Reborn)

Princess Aurora(Princess of Camelot Reborn)


Phoebos Arknawl(head/speaker of council; Camelot Reborn)

Arteges Rayrile(second/relayer of council; Camelot Reborn)

Othello Manchest(council; Camelot Reborn)

Bolemah Nortanis(council; Camelot Reborn)


7coilsteemer(Donovan Grathe; Andrew and Marty's Friend)

10coilsteemer(Gorduno Glacius; Leader of the Coilsteemer Army)

2coilsteemer(Armando Haiti; Andrew and Marty's Friend)


Zsami Tirn(1st/Grand Wizard of Camelot Reborn)

Dragon Fyre(2nd healer of Camelot Reborn)

Hannah Sylvain(3rd healer of Camelot Reborn; apprentice of Dragon Fire)


Claudia Myrelle(Aunt; Vampiress Queen; Ford Family)

Gilthana Myrelle(daughter of Claudia; Vampire Princess; Ford Family)

Lady Denae(adopting mother of X, 3, and Mira; Ford Family)

Miralelith Alera(adopted child of Denae; Ford Family)

Carissa Lynn Ford(wife; Ford Family)



Keenyi Almadia(Sister to Hepzi; assassin; allie of Khamden; Vampire Renegade)

Hepzi Almadia(Sister to Keenyi; assassin; allie of Khamden; Vampire Renegade)

Silvershayde(assassin; allie of Malkavian; Vampire Renegade)

Blitzkrieg(assassin; allie of Malkavian; Vampire Renegade)

Red Leader(Leader of the Darkon broodlings; hunts Chris in the beginning)


Clan Vampire Renegades(assassin family; allie of both Malkavian and Khamden)

Scales of Vengance(assassin family; allie of both Malkavian and Khamden)

Darkon Squadron(assassin family; murderous abuductors)


Amanda Ford(mother at the beginning)

Shannon Ford(daughter at the beginning)

Attendants(to king and queen)

Common People of the Courtyard(to camelot reborn)

Servants(to all)

Other Knights

Gatekeepers(to camelot reborn)

Armed Escorts(to king and queen)

Vampyric Subserviants(to Claudia and Gilthana)

Other Council Members


Location 1(Land of Mythal): (aka: Peaceland)

Camelot Reborn(home of all the Fords and Such)

Location 2(Land of Endochette): (aka: Forever Night)

Camp of Vampire Renegades

Sacrafice Ring(where they pray to Radiant Omega)

Camp of Scales of Vengance

Hunting Ground(where X gets a chance to excape from the Hunter Renagades; meets Malkavian)

Darkon Gauntlet

Deadlands(where X, shannon, amanda, and 6 encounter Darkons)

Location 3(Land of Saragone): (aka: Mystic Grounds)

Enchanted Colony

Enchanted Grounds(the lands which magicians, wizards, healers, and psychics are born)

Field of Fears(training ground; for mastering the power of one's inner power)

Astrial Plane(where those of Magic go to increase their spells and to max out their energy)

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