By: Murasaki

Chapter 8

<body>And so, the following day, X sets out bright and early for Camelot once again,

this time with a fleet of 800 some Darkon within is regime. He sneers at the gates of

Camelot Reborn, hearing the same hissing behind him in almost a deafening roar which

echoed within the valley of Mythal. X likes this deviant, massacre campaign muchly. For

this gave him his 2nd chance to prove his worth to both himself and Jesture. "On my

mark, dark ones, find your locations. The moment you see a Dragon child... kill it.", X

pronounces, looking back to the army of darkness, seeing each head bob up and down in

silent synchrony. He hisses to himself, knowing this should be an almost effortless


"Ready... Go...", he whispers, hearing his West Commander, Blitzkrieg,

echoing his orders to the opposite side of the field. In a matter of seconds, the dark

shrouded shadows spread mercilessly amongst the land of the Coilsteemers, engulfing it

within their total control. However, they remain totally unseen in nature, even as the

Coilsteemers emerge from within the draw bridge to begin their scouring. Two at a time,

as Jesture had said, and looked almost innocent as the lambs lead themselves to

slaughter. X nodding twice, raising his talons into the air fiercely so that the West Wing,

as he called Blitz' force, knew that the bloodhunt was on it's way. Blitzkrieg caught sight

of the wavering fingers, and emerged, alone, from the docile silence.


his wings suddenly, he hovers just above the two Dragon/mortals. Seemingly shocked,

the two turn quickly, drawing their bows from their back and arrows from their quivers,

aiming at the Flying Darkon. Blitzkrieg spins effortlessly from his position back behind

the rock as an arrow is fired in his direction by the Coilsteemer cloaked in gray. A

moment passes by, and X is still behind his rock, watching with his ration of Darkon, his

eyes puzzled over. Still intent on watching the rock, the two Coilsteemer crouch forward

in the still darkness of the dawn, seeing if they aquire any sense of the thing that fell from

the air. "Did I shoot it?", says the gray-coated Coilsteemer. The other, attired in gold,

smirks playfully at his friend, "No way in hell. Did you not see how far you missed it? I

could've done better!". The gray one blinks in protest. "You saying I’m a bad shot?", he

exclaims loudly. As the gold-coated being sets to respond, a loud raven sound spears out

from the darkness of the cavern, followed by a javelin dart. The dart whizzes in all it's

8-foot velocity deep into the chest of the gold Coilsteemer.

His eyes spring open

in wild array, too frizted out to scream or embellish within the pain. He chokes out a

whisper, along with a trail of blood that falls down his lips as he speaks... "Oh hell,

8coil..", crying out to his friend..., "..g..get away.. now..". Sputtering out softly,

8coilsteemer, the knight in gray, shouts loudly in terror, doing as the dying knight told

him, and making his way opposite of the Castle. X sneers loudly, slamming his fist upon

the granite rock before him, cracking it mildly as he uproots from the ground. His wings

slip quickly from his back, finding air quickly as he shouts back to his troop, "Stay here.

If you see anybody else come out of the Castle, raid it.", he nods softly, and goes off after

8coilsteemer. Sadly, one that is on foot cannot outrun a Winged Flightmaster, so X

catches up to him rather effortlessly as 8 rampages straight into a dead end. Along side of

Blitzkrieg, they stand before the captured Coilsteemer with blood tainting their lips.

Without a word, Blitzkrieg darts forward with another, yet shorter version of his javelin

dart. As he reaches the body of the Dragon/mortal, Blitz makes a stab at his mid-section,

only to be countered by a lunging shot of the blade from the Coilsteemer’s own sheath.

"You want some?", 8coilsteemer smirks, "Well, all you had to do was ask!"


wields his sword with deadly precision, spinning it sharply into the dart, slicing it in half

as he makes a directed lunge for Blitzkrieg. Stunned, the West Wing Commander falls

back onto the nearest wall to rear from the fatal slash of the knighted one. X, quick to

draw, pulls a simmering sword of gold from his sheath. That in which was bestowed

upon him by the Red Leader when he joined the ranks of the Darkon, having never been

put away un-quenched. The uantumstrike, as he calls it, came slamming down upon the

sword of the Coilsteemer’s, pressing it heavily to the ground as X's eyes blaze with

ferocious intensity. "Die, weakling... and fall to the pits of the damned with only a cry of

my name!", he growls out, bringing his opposite hand around to smash the face of the

knight. He succeeds, followed by a volley of flaming punches and slashes from his talons.

Blitz watches, still semi-stunned, seeing why Red Leader had brought this being,

this 'X' aboard the elite family. X then knocks the Dragon/mortal sprawling, not giving

him time to regenerate, springing upon his chest with a voracious bound. X then flips his

sword upwards, spinning it so that the blade is facing the Dragon, and quickly jamming it

within the body of the Coilsteemer with vile disgust for all it's kind.

"DIE!!!", X

screams out, twisting the blade within his chest, dragging it up his flesh, and out the left

side of his neck. Following his bloody, gruesome display, he continues to butcher the

dying dragon as he places his paws upon either of his separated slabs of flesh, bracing

himself, and splitting it down the crack while 8coil still screams in agony. A bloody,

pasty, fleshy mess flies across both X and Blitzkrieg, shielding his eyes from the spurts

that X drags from the now dead Coilsteemer, almost wondering if it was necessary that

he both kill and dismember the Dragon/mortal, but silences, fearing the same would

become of himself save he speak up now. X looks back to Blitz, nodding as he speaks,

"Send in your fleet. Coax them out of Camelot, and my fleet will be ready to attack with

their weaponry.". Blitzkrieg obeys by turning, nodding to a perched Darkon which sits

upon a tree stump, who turns and shouts to the rest, who all then respond by exploding

from their seats and flying as a craft deep within the body of Camelot Reborn, appearing

as bats as they find their way within.

Knowing that, once inside of Camelot, a

spell is invoked. No pain nor any form of it, counting those among spars, fights, or

disturbances of any kind, absolutely can not

happen. So the Darkons sniff their way into the deeper requelms of the City, the streets

silent except for the low fluttering of their wings. They surf the air valiantly, finding

themselves within each and every house, creating a major ruckus, scaring the

Coilsteemers awake, and suddenly just disappear all together; leaving the whole city the

way it was before anyone even has a chance to scream. The knights scream themselves

awake, thinking it was all a dream until they find messages scrawled out upon their walls,

reading: "Chicken-steamers are wimps, and we shall prove it! Come get us, you cowardly

twits! Darkons shall prevail!", with that, each and every pig-headed, macho, soldier

boy--meaning all of the adults--assemble in full armor. The Silver Force, headed by

Commander Othello Manchest, the White Strike, led by General Phoebos Arknawl, and

the Chrome Defense, ordered by Colonel Arteges Rayrile, all compromising to set

out in war together. "We'll go first, Phoebos, Arteges.", says Commander Othello, and in

that, speed out of the front without so much as a sound. Following, would be Arteges'

Defense to bring up the rear, followed by the White Strike. As they exit, they find

themselves, an army of 700, covered by the Darkon darkness.

Keep in mind, this

is not at all what the Darkons wanted, they had wished it to work out differently.

However, there is still a chance. The armies assemble just outside of the Castle when the

draw bridge shuts, not allowing anyone else back in or out. All is dormant... Silence fills

the area so calmly, you can hear the heartbeat speeding from

within the Dragon/mortal's chests. "Greetings, foul ones.", says a voice which echoes

maliciously within the valley of Camelot. X drops from the largest rock silently to a

crouch, kicking up dust just in front of the Large Army. His blue hair falls before his

face, the Darkon warrior is then succeeded by Blitzkrieg. The army watches silently as

they both then stand, a height of 5' 6" for X and a height of 5'5" for Blitzkrieg. "Look,

Men... Toddlers come to play with us!", shouts Othello mockingly, extending his hand in

the direction of the two boys that stand before them, all of them chuckling and laughing

at the suggestion of Othello. Just as he has his arm out toward X, he turns his head to the

Army behind him. X takes it offensively, drawing his golden blade silently. "I wonder if

they would like to play war with the big guys!", Othello preaches loudly, having the

whole of them snorting and blowing with laughter as suddenly the sound of a blade

twinges the air, followed by a slick cutting of mortal flesh. Othello looks back instantly

in terror to the small boy, X, who stands with his golden blade in his grasp, and upon his

blade is Othello's severed hand. X smiles menacingly, flinging it off onto the ground, and

spitting on it.</body>

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