By: Murasaki

Chapter 9

<body>Othello screams in sudden pain as he realizes it is his hand he sees on the ground. "MY

GOD MY HAND!! HE CUT OFF MY DAMN HAND!!", Othello exclaims to the crowd, watching as they back away from his ranting. Suddenly, Blitzkrieg nods his hooded head, the red cloth falling from his face. It reveals a Darkon's evil smiles as he shouts, "Attack!". The darkness lifts up in a large mass, their eyes popping open as they peer down with hungry mouths."OH BLOODY HELL, THEY'RE AN ARMY!!", Othello shrieks as X flaps his majestic wings once to gain height into the air, level with Othello's shoulders. "Wars on...", X whispers, his face contorts as his shimmering blade rips in and through the skin of Othello Manchest, decapitating him thoroughly as X then shoots

upward to the Eye of his Fleet. Blitzkrieg watches from the ground, ready to respond to X. "Genocide, my fellow Vampires, genocide.", he says calmly, his blade still ringing in the air from the prior actions upon the late Commander. "Wipe... Them... Out.", X implies, and with nothing else said, Darkons descend upon the Coilsteemers' pivotal fleet. The Darkon manhandle, swallow, snap, rip apart, dismember, shred, and invert the bodies of the armaments as their General and Colonel, Phoebos and Arteges, flee back to Camelot Reborn for their lives. X watches them soundlessly, frowning at the weak commanders. 'Didn't expect much from the weak, arrogant forces.', thought X, and strides from the massacre over to the frightened mortals. X snaps to the ground, his wings still protruding forth as he lands perfectly motionless, his blade resting against his chest, watching as the Great Leaders cower at the hands of a small, blue-haired boy.

"Children, look. We've got toys to play with...", mutters X, his sullen eyes of crimson almost burning into the both of them. Arteges steps toward the draw bridge, screaming, "Let Me In! We're Under Attack!!". X sneers, looking at Phoebos' still form, he passes him by, grappling Arteges as the bridge starts to fall. Phoebos still stays immobile as Arteges screams for him to help, X only snickers within a reasonable volume as he draws the golden blade to Arteges' neck. Right then, the bridge is let down and Phoebos scurries upon the castle like a river rat. At the door is none other than Christopher and Marty Ford. Seeing them, he smiles softly, knowing that his message will be relayed first-handed now. X then speaks, his mouth and words never more demanding than now.

"Chris, look what I can do...", gesturing with his head toward the battlefield where Blitzkrieg orchestrates the bloodying of the ravishingly idiotic. X chuckelz as he then draws his blade dimly across the neck of Colonel, a small trickle of blood dripping from his neck. Without a word about why he is doing this, X slits the meaty throat of Areteges Rayrile, quickly and effortlessly. All of the opposing parties shocked and stunned by the bleeding of the throat that Arteges displays, shrieking and falling shocked simultaneously as the body falls within the moat. X then looks up with crimson eyes within the eyes of Christopher Ford, then to his gem upon his neck. He growls, pointing to it. X coaxes Christopher out of his castle with a mere twitch of his fingers, to the battle field and, waving his fingers, the Darkon magic slams the door shut again. Marty is stunned, "Dad!!", he screams, but goes unheard. Chris finds himself locked outside, with X's eyes upon him.

Chris looking into the blue dragon/mortal's eyes, frowning slightly at this misfortune. X glares at Chris, still pointing angrily at the Darkon Gem, he snatches it from the neck of Christopher Ford, drawing back with recoil as Chris snaps his hand outward, eyes gleaming with forsaken monstrosity, "Take... and be taken.", he whispers. Chris then wafts his hand forward harshly, knocking X to his back without so much as touching him. After such, Chris then raises his hand to the war going on, not caring who is there, and spirals a cyclone over top of it all. The Twister draws all the beings up to the middle, launching the Darkons far from reach and the Dragon/mortals safely are set back to the ground, all in a matter of simple moments. X is stunned.. seeing that all the Dragon/mortals were alive. 'Then who were the one's lying down-", stopping mid-sentence, hanging his head in shame as the Coilsteemer Army has killed each and every Darkon Villain in reach. "Now," says Chris, extending his hand subtly, "return to me what you have stolen...". X is shocked, his mouth hangs open as his blue blood-stained hair dangles from his brow... he then snaps back to life, realizing that he has given Chris back the stone, and set in the middle of the dead Darkons.

"Ahhhg!", he exclaims, seeing it all change in a heartbeat. His eyes focus upon the dead ones, seeing Blitzkrieg downed with a shard of steel through his neck, the fleshy pulp falling fresh from his wound. X frowns, the only living member of the 900+ army. "Ohh Malk is gonna' be pissed... Worse, he's gonna' kill me...", X cowers again just as he did before in the presence of the Jesture. He flies into the air, looking down upon the bodies.. as they begin to spell out wording. The bodies, arranged strangely in Coilsteemer Symbols, sprawled out before him. They read: "Child of the Dragon... Return to Camelot on your own accord and join us in the ranks against the real enemy in the Darkon. We expect your arrival soon. For, if you don't arrive, we shall reign hell on the Darkon--you included--and you don’t want that. Return to Camelot upon your own needs immediately.", it reads. X wonders how he knew this, seeing how he'd never seen a message like these before... "Anything is better than returning to Red Leader," X whispers, "I'm not dying for anyone. Not even the MadMan.", Zipping off toward Camelot, X wonders just why his presence is so important to Chris, as well as why he was called 'Child of the Dragon'</body>

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