By: Murasaki



A rank given to a trainee by the Council of Camelot after they have undergone proper training. In other lands they would be known as rangers who protect their home, the Land of Mythal. Coilsteemers are an elite force of warriors who are bred and used within this Land. The full abilities of a coilsteemer depend on the generation of the teacher's rank, the amount of knowledge of magic and healing powers they have, their physical and mental strength.

Coilsteemer regulations

1. Protect home at all costs.

2. Never break a promise, no matter what the circumstances.

3. Fight only to defend and protect, never to attack.

4. Never fight on holy ground. This rule is abided by all existing beings.

5. Once a weapon is drawn it can not be sheathed until it has drawn blood.

If that means you must slice your own hand open, then so be it.

6. Resolving a conflict must satisfy both parties; bloodshed must satisfy the King and Queen.



The Coilstemers were created by Chris Ford. He unknowingly used a Darkon

gemstone and created a race of Dragon/mortals. When he realized what he had

done he saw the implications of this and realized the place where he was at

this time of creation, Camelot by name, would now be in danger if the

Darkons found out this had happened. And so he chose to lessen the danger

to Camelot by creating a band of warriors known as Coilsteemers.

The Dragon/mortals are born by their seragete mothers and with the first

signs of them being a Dragon/mortal they are instantly enlisted to become Coilsteemers.

Chris is thought of by all of the Coilsteemers as their father, teacher, and leader.

Ford, however, strongly encourages them to refer to their biological fathers as

“father” but the Dragon/mortals have adopted him and will not decline from

it. Chris offered Lady Denae of Camelot, a sweet woman of Camelot Reborn who took

Chris in when he was attacked by the Darkons, a chance to be “mother” to the

Dragon/mortals. She accepted the offer graciously and for the past sixteen

years has kept her promise to insure their well being.

A danger is lurking in the dark woods around Camelot. It has been sixteen

years since the vampires known as the Darkons have shown their faces in the

area of Camelot. They believed they had gotten their gemstone back from

Chris. Darkon scouts, however, have brought word of the Dragon/mortals back

to their leader. The head of the Darkon family was furious when he found

that he had taken the wrong gemstone from Chris Ford. He went into a fit of

anger, killing the scouts. Then, realizing what he had done, the vampire

ordered the Darkon clan to find Camelot and Chris Ford and to get that

gemstone back.

During this incident, a figure hid in the shadows of the Darkon dining

hall. The shadows and hood the figure wore hid it’s features but by it’s

size it was clearly in the age range of the mid twenties. The figure pulled

back further into the shadows as it watched the vampires mobilize and echoed

words their leader had said. An unheard whisper left the shadowy figure’s

lips. “Chris Ford...” it repeated, with some form of recognition. The

tall figure was unsure as to how it remembered the name Chris Ford, or even

why. It had no idea if it had even heard the name before.

The figure swiftly, but silently made its way out of the dining hall and

into a long hallway. Lit torches lined the walls at regular intervals of

fifteen feet. The dark figure took care to stay well hidden in the cover of

the dark shadows of this place, moving silently and swiftly from one shadow

to another as Darkons came and left from this way and that. The shadowy

figure made its way to a door at the very end of the hall. The door was

hidden well, but the figure could find it. It reached out a dragon-scaled

hand and slowly turned the knob. As it heard a small click it turned its

back to the door, staying in the shadows, and made sure the cost was clear.

When the elusive figure could tell for cretin that there were no vampires in

the hall or in the above halls on the second floor of the building to watch,

it quietly opened the door an inch. With one last look down the hall, for

safety’s sake, as a small blue curl of hair dropped out from underneath the

hood the figure spun swiftly and entered the room, closing and locking the

door behind it.

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